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First Violin Specifications

Page history last edited by Jonathan McKinley 11 years ago

Back--------Material: Big Leaf Maple

                    Grains per Inch: 6

                    Ring Mode (Mode 5): 358 Hz

                    X Mode (Mode 2): 166 Hz

                    Mode 1: 105.5 Hz

                    Weight (unfinished button/roughly shaped edges): 110.4 g

                    Length (without button): 354

                    Upper Bout Width: 166

                    Lower Bout Width: 208

                    C Bout Width: 115

                    Arch height: 15.95

                    Thickness Map: Back Thickness Map

                    Plate Tuning: Back Plate Tuning

Bassbar- Material: Spruce

                      Grains per inch: 37

                  Weight: 5.2 g

                  Length: 277.22

                  Width: 5.44


                  Height (in middle): 12.27

                  Height (at ends): 3.32

                      Other: Very straight and even grain

Ribs---------Material: Maple ribs, spruce blocks, willow lining, and birch pegs

                    Weight: 71.1g

                    Rib Thickness: 1.5

                    Lining thickness: 1.68

                    Rib structure taper (height): upper block 29.77, lower block 30.96 (even taper for entire length)

                    Upper block size: 19.69 x 49.91

                Lower block size: 19.25 x 47.12

                    Other: 4 pegs on back, 2 pegs on front

Top---------Material: Sitka Spruce

                    Grains per Inch: 44

                    Ring Mode (Mode 5): 317 Hz

                    X Mode (Mode 2): 205 Hz

                    Mode 1: 71 Hz

                    Weight (with cut ff and shaped edges): 76.1 g

                    Length: 354

                    Upper Bout Width: 166

                    Lower Bout Width: 208

                    C Bout Width: 115

                    Arch height: 16.39

                    Purfling distance to edge: 4.93

                    Thickness Map: Front Thickness Map   

                    Plate Tuning: Front Plate Tuning              

                    Other: very dense wood

Fingerboard-Material: Ebony

                            Length: 270.02

                            Height: 6.53-10.92

                            Width: 24.51-42.21

Scroll------------Width: 42.57

                           Height: 53.29

                           Length (with pegbox): 115.19

                           Other: The scroll is slightly larger and longer then the average Stradivari or Guaneri


*unlabeled units: millimeters


Making a violin




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