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Hide Glue Recipe

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Hide Glue Recipe



     Put a little less then 3 tablespoons of granulated medium strength hide glue (One Ounce) and a little less than two tablespoons of filtered water into a glue pot. (Instead of a glue pot I use the lower half of an aluminum can.) Let the granulated hide glue absorb the water for roughly 45 minutes. Then put the glue pot directly on the heat source (I use an inverted clothes iron which has adjustable temperature) while continuously stirring to keep a uniform temperature throughout the mixture. The glue should be ready to use when the stir stick is lifted just above the glue pot and the glue makes a small continuous stream. Make sure not to over heat and burn the glue because the glue strength will weaken. (Heat to around 150 degress F)


Inverted clothes iron with an aluminum can as a glue pot


Before applying the hide glue to a wood joint a hair dryer can be used to heat the surfaces of the wood to lengthen the working time of the glue.





Making a violin



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