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Violin Notes

Page history last edited by Jonathan McKinley 10 years, 10 months ago

Violin Back plate glue onto ribs: Mode 5-----------322.5 Hz

                                                    Mode 2------------200.5 Hz

                                                    Mode 1------------95 Hz


Front with f holes but no bassbar: Mode 5-----------263 Hz

                                                  Mode 2-----------101 Hz

                                                  Mode 1-----------60 Hz



Violin Varnish:    Two coats gelatin (30 grams per liter of water)

                        Amber Oil Varnish (Hammerl)

                        Venetian Red, Cadmium Red Deep, and Burnt Umber (equal amounts) with linseed oil

                        Brown Oil Varnish (Hammerl)

                        Venetian Red with linseed oil (liquidy past) rubbed on with cloth

                        Dark Brown Oil Varnish (Hammerl)

                        Dark Brown Oil varnish spread with kimwipes

                        Clear Varnish

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