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Violin Shoulder Rest

Page history last edited by Jonathan McKinley 12 years, 2 months ago

     Violins are beautiful instruments with graceful curving f holes, scrolls, and bouts. However, these good looks are compromised when a bulky plastic, metal, and foam shoulder rest is attached to the back of the violin in an effort to help comfort the violinist. Several companies have tried to improve the looks of the shoulder rest by making it out of a solid piece of wood, but the shoulder rest still does not look very good.  


Example of plastic, metal, and foam shoulder rest 



 Example of wooden shoulder rest


     My goal was to make a shoulder rest out of maple that would look much more elegant than the previously displayed shoulder rests. I began by roughly shaping a 7 and 1/2 inch piece of maple. Then I attached two additional one inch pieces of maple with brass screws and wood glue. These additional pieces of maple make it possible to use rubber feet to attach to the lower bouts of the violin.



Next, I drew and cut out a triangular design on the long piece of maple.




Then I sanded the entire shoulder rest and finished it with a glossy polyurethane.




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